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July 11, 2005 by SameOldRat
It has been a while since I have written on JU, and my pact with myself for writing again was to not post anything political, but this is only semi-political, so here it goes.

A friend of mine, a die hard Republican, has recently revealed to me that he is joining the Army. I am a Liberal, and don't agree with the war. After much deliberation and anger in my mind, I have come to grips with the idea of him fighting. It took a while, but I realize now that he is what this country needs. Many pe...
June 29, 2005 by SameOldRat
So I recently visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Minnesota Twins and Brewers game which the Twins sadly lost. But with all that behind me, I finally had the opportunity to take a tour of a brewery. Of course, Milwaukee is famous for the Miller Brewery, but I decided to go on a fairly smaller tour. I decided on the Lakefront Brewery which only produces roughly 6,000 barrels of beer a year, the same amount that the Miller Brewery spills on the floor in a day. This may seem like a dissapointment,...
January 18, 2005 by SameOldRat
For the sake of the sake. The latter pronounced sockee. Sake is a Japanese drink, for those of you who don't know already, rice wine to be more exact. I had my first encounter last weekend and pondering the night today, I have realized, this is my new favorite drink. Not sake alone, but with a mixture of beer in which I will get into later. Sake is strange. If I had to describe its taste to you, the best way to do it is to say it taste like dirty socks. When I first heard this, I imagined myself...
January 12, 2005 by SameOldRat
When I was in the Army, I received a kind of aptitude test that all soldiers took and, against a normal of 100, scored 160. No one at the base had ever seen a figure like that, and for two hours they made a big fuss over me. (It didn’t mean anything. The next day I was still a buck private with KP as my highest duty.)

"All my life I’ve been registering scores like that, so that I have the complacent feeling that I’m highly intelligent, and I expect other people to think so, too. Actually, tho...
December 15, 2004 by SameOldRat
News Flash: The greatest invention by modern man is the non-circular pencil. Imagine folks, you're sitting at your desk, writing down a memo, only to be interrupted by the constant fact that your pencil keeps rolling off your desk and falling three feet to the ground. Not only is this a pain in the ass, but in the long run could cause major back problems because you keep having to bend over to pick up your writing utensil. Well, no longer, no more! With the invention of the the non-circular penc...
December 10, 2004 by SameOldRat
Well, I am finally feeling better. God damn, this cold wiped me out. It has been six days fighting this thing and I can now tell it is almost kicked. Thank you to everyone who sent me their best wishes. Good news, I can finally start blogging again as well. Or I suppose you could take that as bad news, depending on who you are. i am just glad to be feeling almost normal!
December 6, 2004 by SameOldRat
I am sick. It is winter now in the state of Minnesota, which is where I reside, which also means it is cold season. I am not one to usually get sick, but here I am with a killer cold. I just got off work, am sick, and life just seems to suck. My plans for tonite, pop some more cold medicine, take a long, hot bath, and hit the pillow early. To anyone else not feeling well, you're not alone. We're all in this together, so hopefully, maybe, this will cheer you up!
November 30, 2004 by SameOldRat
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November 27, 2004 by SameOldRat
I felt as if I were Kerouac. The snow had been falling for some time and the trees were heavy with frost. It was beautiful. My head hurt a little, from too many drinks and an excess of cigarette and marijuana smoke the night before. She rode next to me and they were in the back. She wasn't talking much, not feeling all to well. It showed in her face. It didn't have that charm, or the shine it usually does. For some reason it made me sad. Not the fact that she felt ill, but the fact that there wa...
November 24, 2004 by SameOldRat
Chinese candy kicks ass. And to think, all I figured that country for was fireworks. Insert sarcasm. But for real, I recently had a co-worker of mine go to China, to visit family, and she brought back some of the best candy I have ever eaten. To explain the horrible comment before. When thinking of China, candy never onced crossed my mind. When thinking of Germany, I think of chocolate, along with the likes of beer, but I didn't connect candy with China. I have also heard that the Mexican brand...
November 23, 2004 by SameOldRat
Hunter in US murder rampage says he was shot at first


This is an alarming article. What is not printed in this article though, is the fact that this man, who did the killing, has been arrested for gun related violence before, obviously never escalating to this level. Still, what kind of show are we running here. Are we just handing out guns and waiting for people to die. For those of you out there who do not believe gun control is a valid issue, I ask you, why did any of these men des...
November 23, 2004 by SameOldRat
The sun is a' shinin'! What a beautiful day. Nothing makes me happier than a crisp, cold day, when the sun is shining so much it blinds you as you make your way down the freeway. Well, I'm gone. Getting out to enjoy the day! If you feel like it, let me know what makes you happy as can be.
November 19, 2004 by SameOldRat
When I was a child, my sister played a horrible practical joke on me. She was babysitting me, and as usual, I was being a little devil. After a while, I demanded she made me macaroni and cheese. I also demanded she brought me a glass of milk. Being the person she is, she complied. The macaroni and cheese was great, but when I took a swig of milk, I immediately threw up. She was angry that I was being mean to her, so she poured me a glass of buttermilk. She felt awful and I was even more pissed. ...
November 19, 2004 by SameOldRat
I slept over at my sisters apartment last night. This morning, I was awoke by the sound of her buzzer. I get up and press the talk and politely ask, "Who is it." All that I can hear is loud mumbling coming through the speaker so I shrug it off. About thirty seconds go by and it buzzes again. I press talk and ask again, "Who is it." Same result. Probabaly another thirty seconds and it buzzes again. "Who is it." Finally I make out that the guy is saying "DHL delivery, I have a package for you." St...
November 12, 2004 by SameOldRat
I found a very interesting article after having a conversation with a friend about none other than the Bush family. Bush has been compared to the Nazi regime which very interestingly is not all that far off. Prescott Bush, George W. Bush's grandfather was a personal banker to Hitler. Many of the Bush fortune comes from the Nazi legacy. Here's the link.